Cocktails and The City.

It’s 9pm, I’m sitting on Scooter’s bed,  it’s a cold New York night, and he’s studying..

He looked over and said, “just go out by yourself. ”

So I did. I mean, I was kinda on vacation. I was single. I had some money. Why not? So, I started out at a bar called Therapy. Two for one, Kettle Cosmo’s. I had a great conversation with these guys…who would later in a random drag show refer to me as “Celine Dion’s back-up singer”  …  after the long drunk conversation I had with these guys, one of them took me by the hand and we left, jumped in a cab, made out all the way to some bar called Posh. After some more drinks and an invitation by a gay cowboy to join the rodeo, I decided it was time for me to go home. So, I snuck out to “make a phone call”.. of course, I just left. I needed to get to the subway, but I didn’t really know where I was. So I just started to walk, I’m so inebriated at this point, I decided the best thing to do is count the sidewalk cracks….I realise there is no one around me and its pretty dark.  What neighborhood is this? Not a good situation, I started to run, I just ran until I saw a cab. Finally, I told him to take me to the subway entrance in times square, I didn’t want to chance it. I called scooter at 4am and said, “I’m drunk but I made it to the subway, I should be home in 15 min.” Yea, i woke up at 8:30 a.m. still on the subway, but surrounded by people and business men on the way to work. I was “that guy” with the cowboy hat and glittered face passed out from the night before. The subway had been going to Queens to Manhattan, back and forth, for hours. Talk about a joyride. Never going out alone again in New York City.

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