He is a bad boy with a tainted heart.

Does good always win? Or does bad triumph over good? I know… I know, GOOD ALWAYS WINS. BUT I’m talking about boys… BAD boys & GOOD boys. They both can be fun. It seems like when it comes to “fun” …the bad boy always wins, especially when it comes to living dangerously… he gives you edge. It’s scary…whether, you’re scared on the back of his motorcycle or scared of his criminal past. The sex is hot and the tattoos…. are everywhere. What is it with boys with tattoos? Lots of booze is involved, it always seems MORE PHYSICAL with the BAD BOY. But what about the good boys? Seems like when it comes to the relationship and the title boyfriend… the good guy wins. The good guy always gets the relationship and the bad boy always drives away, poetically. The good guy takes you to get coffee and you talk. Then fuck, but at least you talked first. There always comes a time, when you are presented with both and you have to choose. I always say, the guy that sees right through you is usually the one that wins your heart. Depends on where you are in your life & what you been through determines the decision. If you have been through the bad boys, it’s easier for the good guy to win. If you are young and haven’t been with a bad boy… or been a bad boy yourself, you seek that bad and want it. You always want what you can’t have & that is the part that is so appealing. Sometimes, there’s a twist & the good boy goes bad. That’s a whole different story! I feel like when you are naturally a bad boy… it is so easy for you. But when a good boy goes bad… it is bad. You choose to be bad, break the good guy’s heart, and run away with the bad boy. You hear people talking about you, but you don’t care. You know it’s probably not the healthiest thing for you, but you go for it anyway. It bites you in the ass or it works out. That’s with everything. I guess.. it’s the risk factor. But risk is in everything we do, whether it’s having a one-night stand or agreeing to being in a relationship. There is always risk that it’s not going to work. That’s life, baby. Sometimes, being bad is a DIRECT result of being hurt or being held down. Sometimes, when in a relationship for a long time and you become single, you go crazy creating a museum of lovers. You want to bang everything in sight… You become the BAD BOY yourself. Becoming & repeating what the other person has done to you. It’s a big vicious circle. i think at the end of the day, we just want to LOVE and be LOVED. I guess that’s why they call it LOVE DRAMA. All of this is a part of life & it’s just the boys and girls doing what they do… they are  “getting down.”