It’s a cold rainy day at Warner Ranch, a huge Warner Bros lot across the street. I’m shooting The Forgotten with Christian Slater. I play one of his neighbors…”boy on bike” was my exact character. It’s been a great day on set, I’ve been eating all morning so of course that constitutes a good day on set. I love meeting new people on set. Everyone has a different perspective about the business, so naturally that’s what people talk about on set: Hollywood, The city we live in and the heights we want to reach. I was on a lunch with some actors and we were discussing self preparation. I believe we need to ready for the blessing. If we want something big, we have to work for it, and we must know we deserve it. That’s self preparation. I know i deserve success. What happens once you “make it” … or get to a certain status or “level?” Where does one go from there? How do you keep yourself motivated? With those type of thoughts in mind.. i got back to “working.” Mr. Slater was sitting in this truck, waiting for the scene to start… I pull up on my bike, because in the scene, I’m suppose to pull out in front of his truck and have a “close call” moment. I was staring at him (without him knowing) and just thinking… i wonder what is going through his mind? How does this man get motivated? He pulls down the flap mirror in the truck… and stares at himself. I’m thinking he is just probably getting into character…Β  then all of a sudden, he blew himself a kiss and winked. I guess everyone has their own way.


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