Me On The Set of American Horror Story, Los Angeles

There’s a new television show on FX and I’M NOT ON IT.  WHAT THE FUCK?! 

Of course, I’m talking about the disturbing new show, AMERICAN HORROR STORY.  

It is without a doubt, my favorite show on television at the moment. Reality shows like The Real Housewives of Anything do not count. [ insert judgement here ] They are under my guilty pleasure category that I cannot live without. Anyways, back to AMS. I get scared and turned on watching it…

AHS stars the Golden Globe® winner and Emmy® nominated, Dylan McDermott. He plays the sexy husband and father that has the affair with the slutty student that is now desperately trying to hold on to his shattered family. I personally, love a troubled married father with major baggage…but that’s a whole different story. That’s me in my disturbing tale, American Horrifying Slut. What can I say? I love dads. He is a definitely a DILF.

(Dad I’d Like to Fuck) 

Now boys, I know he is hot and I know you’re thinking… I know him. Well you don’t but you might recognize him from the classic gay movie, STEEL MAGNOLIAS! Yes, that is the unforgettable character, Jackson, who marries Julia Roberts in the movie. Doesn’t this make it so much better? They are both great characters. There is nothing better for a career than longevity. Can you believe this beautiful creature is 50 years of age? Now, people might think it’s strange that this show was co-created by Ryan Murphy, who is the Creator of the hit show “Glee.” How can someone so glee-ish create something so dark? Truth is, some of us forget he ALSO created Nip/Tuck. Which was disturbing on another gay fabulous level. It brought us great story lines, amazing sex, and lots of body exposure. Who can forget the sexy doctor Christian? I guess Ryan Murphy has an eye for hot leading men… because both of these men exude a sexual confidence that makes your knees melt. American Horror Story has plenty for all including a dead maid that will make straight men go ape shit.

This “pilot” was not in any way shy and gave you everyone’s good side.

Including Dylan’s bubble butt and the maid masturbating within the first couple episodes. Gays will naturally love two-time Academy Award® winner Jessica Lange and Desperate housewives’ nosey neighbor, Christine Estabrook. Catch AMERICAN HORROR STORY ON FX ON WEDNESDAYS !!!! Also, what’s up with Direct TV shutting down all the good channels? If I miss AMS, I will flip out myself. Don’t mess with me, Direct TV.


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