Cast Photo. Episode 1. Lian Castillo “Dorm Diaries” Project.

Cloud Nine… Yea, that’s where I am. I wrote a script, hired a director, produced and starred in my own series today. First episode! It was so much fun, I love being able to see and have active participation in my work…..coming to life. It’s a whole different high than just being an actor on someone’s set. I just love being on camera… and I love what I do. Nadine, my Czechoslovakian/Scottish Model Co-Star… was saying she wasn’t even nervous, she was just really hoping to do “justice” to my script. Loved working with her, she was so easy to work with and such a fun energy to be around. She gave me the best compliments. This is just the beginning of many scenes that make up this mini series I wrote about growing up being… well, …me. I put it out there for the world to see… judge… criticize. That’s what I signed up for. I just want to have the lengthy respectable career, I’m over the shortcut. I’m over the fifteen minutes. I’m working my ass off and will continue to. I love going to acting class! It makes me a better actor and person, because I respect the other actor’s work now. Little things make me happy…. like just being a credited Actor. An actor with GREAT representation. An actor that takes his career into his own hands. This is what I’ve wanted. It’s only a matter of time. Life is really what you want it to be. When you move forward, life will follow you. When we are left behind is when we feel defeated and alone. There is so no time like the present! DO MORE ACTION!ย People spend too much waiting…. waiting to be skinny, waiting to famous, waiting to be discovered. Take it into your own hands. I want to show the world what I can do. I already have people talking, people judging and criticizing… I think that’s a good sign. Don’t you think?ย 


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