Sometimes, We must stop. We must stop… to think. To re-evaluate & re-plan: I want to have landmarks in my life. I believe we must be specific when we ask the universe what we want.

Yes, we see us (as actors) shooting for the stars… which is good, but let’s enjoy the journey getting there and part of that journey is making sure you are on the right path. Making sure you are doing the right things that are going to get you there.

I recently went camping and spent some time without cell reception… just to think and to question. We look for things in our lives to blame; but the truth is… you just have to hold yourself accountable. WHY AM I NOT THERE YET? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG?

I think those are the questions actors ask themselves all the time… especially here, living in Los Angeles. Everyone has their moments, but if you are one of those that are in it for the long haul then we must just stop and re-plan and start over because no one is going to notice if you quit. Trust me, no one will care. So… it’s really up to you.

I will not BE just another actor. Another lost soul in this city. I know what I want and I’m giving myself goals and deadlines. Let’s shoot for the stars, but also… shoot for short-term goals because they seem to be more realistic in a sense… because trust me, it takes time. There is no such thing as an over-night sensation…. it rarely happens, and even when it does… it doesn’t last, so make sure you know your product and how it should be delivered to the world.

Anyone can have an agent. Anyone can get a manager. Anyone can give you a break if you sell…your soul. BUT if you know your worth… know your talent then don’t settle…

That’s where I am.


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