So.. what’s the code for Twitter recognition out in the real world? Would you be weirded out if someone came up to you and said…”hey, I follow you on Twitter.” The reason I ask… is because there is code for everything. Obviously, Some people are in the public eye so being recognized off a social networking site isn’t that big of a deal…especially when they are trying to reach a certain amount of exposure. What about for the people who are just on twitter for the entertainment value…or for someone who is just associated with someone famous. Some people use Twitter as a business. Even when blurring the lines of business and pleasure… when is it acceptable to talk to someone you have never spoken to in real life but you follow on Twitter? What if you follow each other… are you then “Twitter” friends? So is it ok then? I mean, it’s not a crime to speak to someone. But what I am trying to see is… the perspective of the other person, is this person going to be receptive in an authentic manner? Are you a twitter friend, fan, or creep? In my own experiences, I have been recognized off of twitter and it wasn’t that big of a deal.. a bit flattering because I’m still trying to reach a certain level in my brand & business. I have also met people out on the town that i follow on twitter and it was great. We followed each other and it was like we were friends for years. But the other night… I was in the position where I wanted to approach someone who I follow on Twitter… who is a “normal” person… if anything he is more the “behind the scenes” type… would it be weird? He doesn’t follow me…so would he think I’m crazy? Networking on the internet and talking to someone in person are two totally different things. What’s the code?


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