Trust is very essential in getting in the part because you have to trust yourself… It starts with the role itself. It speaks to you… it makes you crazy because you’re so “right” for it. It’s YOU! You really start to think…wow this is so me, I would love to play this part. When you feel this…. go with it. Turn this feeling into a passion for the part that will play out in the audition. TRUST YOURSELF, There is always a moment.. when you really feel yourself get lost in the scene & the magic happens. You forget you’re on camera. It’s that moment BEFORE you go in for the kill ….. the moment that says to you, I KNOW I GOT THIS.. & you get the part. When you get the part… you feel it in your stomach. You say to yourself, that feeling I had…..I knew I could get the part and I did. THEN Sometimes, the news doesn’t actually come right away but that’s a whole different feeling..

Ok, the ALMOST is different because sometimes actors are given the roles. A friend of mine was cast for the lead of a Disney Show that is no longer on the air but was very successful. Before she ever filmed anything… the studio/director decided they want a bigger name for the role…. or different approach to the show and she was replaced. That is the most… BRUTAL almost there is. I wanted to talk about this…because it happens. I had a line in a film with a very successful actor who just happens to be my mentor….and it was cut. This happens. Does it suck? Yes… its embarrassing & devastating but its the Bizz. My friend that was on the Disney show… was completely heartbroken, she thought she had booked the job of her life. Her friends & family realized this could potentially change her whole life.. and in a spilt second it was taken. WE have to have the thickest skin in this business, but what it comes down to is yourself. Are you willing to fight and claim your spot? You have to be in it for the long run. How far are you willing to go? Are we willing to put ourselves through this? This city is the city of Β ……” Lost Angels”


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