So I think we should refer to this year as …… twenty-thirteen. (2013)

(Theme Song for the Year? Ellie Goulding’s “Anything Can Happen”)

Yes, people… Anything can happen. The universe definitely showed me some signs before the year ended that anything can happen. And it can definitely happen to the people around you. So, don’t lose focus of your goals… because that’s when you veer off path.

Stay positive and focus on your OWN journey. Once you start to get worried, or jealous, or lose confidence its like starting over… I keep learning this the hard way. Do your own thing and be patient…. It will eventually happen. I have been going to lots of important auditions and I’m very happy to be just going out for these roles. I just wanted to be able to “roll with the big dogs…”

Now, you gotta be prepared and be ready. Now, I AM ROLLING WITH THE BIG DOGS. Sometimes, the stars align perfectly… and then there’s no one to blame but yourself. So Be ready!

Be Happy! Do the things that you make you happy. Surround yourself with support, love, & the people who you know are going to always encourage you and motivate you. Be happy for your friends. Everything will come full circle. Help out when you can. Everything will come full circle.





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