Today I filmed a promo for a campaign on The New MySpace and I’m really excited about this social networking site re-vamping & re-launching. MySpace really started it all and we forget that sometimes! So what if it wasn’t the first; MySpace was the first to take off. I’m especially excited because I’ve been selected to be The Featured Artist on the Homepage.. I talk about my column, my acting roles, & my music. First person to have the homepage on the new site? Justin Timberlake. So…it’s big deal. TO ME. I really meant what I said in my interviews today. I talked about how I grew up right across the streets from the studios. I always wanted to be an actor & music was such a fire driver in me to be brave. Music brought me out of my shell… I have been through some struggles with loss, addiction, & bullying. I also mention the directors I would love to work with. I really believe this interview was showing a side of me that I haven’t really displayed to the world, so I really hope this vulnerability… makes a difference. That’s what we are here to do as Artists, right? Because it’s not to satisfy our egos, lord knows…. some of us don’t need help in that department. We all know too much ego is a bad thing, so it must be distributed evenly. I mean, just look at the judging panel on AMERICAN IDOL this season.



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