It’s Opening Night of Jekyll & Hyde at Pantages Theatre in Hollywood…. Such a beautiful & historical venue. Constantine Maroulis & Deborah Cox are fantastic. Beyond fanatic. The singing was incredible & the acting was on-point. Media everywhere & celebs everywhere. I’m also in the middle of a huge gay sandwich. I have Adam Shankman to the left, Mr. Jay Manuel on the right, Jai Rodriguez behind me, Lass Bass in front of me. It was a propeller of gay energy in this STAR-STUDDED orchestra section. But it got thinking about platforms… What kind of Platforms did they receive? Everything we do in our careers is a stepping stone, but sometimes we receive a platform. A platform is a level you reach where you know… after this step, it will never be the same. There’s no turning back. Constantine was on American Idol. Deborah Cox started singing back-up for Celine. These platforms are gifts… Use them wisely. A show likeΒ IDOL gives nation wide exposure giving Constantine a good following for this broadway touring production… IDOL for him was a great platform. Take the steps towards the big goal by challenging yourself and using the platforms that are given to you to your full advantage. You never know who is watching. Being in the room with the “boys” really got me motivated… I’m really happy I’m here but I still have a journey. So, it’s time to buckle down and get to work. It’s one thing to be at the party… And it’s another to Be The Party.



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