Having an obsession with Andrew Rannells, I naturally wanted to go see The Book of Mormon even though he wasn’t in it. But he originated the Lead Mormon role of Elder Price and Gavin Creel had taken on the tour, so I was all about it. I was a huge fan of Gavin from the shows: Thoroughly Modern Millie & Hair on Broadway. The tour was stationed at The Pantages for a month and I showed up  twice a week trying to win the lottery on my days off. No luck at all….well, maybe some Bad Luck. As a poor struggling Hollywood Actor, I really wasn’t trying to buy a ticket for regular price. Especially, this show… being in such high demand, sold-out every night… it was easy to make any available tickets very expensive. The last day the show was running I was pulling up to work EARLY when I noticed Gavin outside of the stage door of the Pantages. He was taking some photos and talking with some fans. I walked over and said Look, I didn’t see the show, but I wanted to come over and say hi anyway. We chatted briefly and it was one of those full circle moments that happen while you are “present.” I remember admiring him in Millie, a musical that exactly five years later I would be performing in as well. I told him it was great to meet someone who is an Artist AND an Activist in the LGBT community. He took a playbill from the show & signed it for me. I never got to see the show…but I got to chat with Gavin Creel about our common thread; both being actors that respect the stage. Oh, and we both were in Thoroughly Modern Millie. I love being part of a community.. which is not just a group of Actors, but Artists that want to give back, make a difference.. do the right thing. Stand up for what’s right. That’s what it’s all about. We don’t have enough of this in the world these days!


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