Like the fizz in a bottle of coke, the pressure is bottled, then released. –

You know… There is always something. Always. It’s like getting a shaken can of coke. It’s all good til you open it and it explodes all over you. The pressures of the career are always going to be endless. This is something we must accept in this business. The pressures are what we bottle to not show fear… to execute, we use the pressure to motivate us… or least we should. Or you become a person who has nothing but bottled pressure & passion and eventually you’ll explode.

You know, sometimes you feel like you’re at square one and it sucks. What you need to realize and take into account is that once you reach a higher level in your career, it’s a whole new set of pressures and expectations. So, you get the great agent and the manager. Then you have the pressure of booking. “Why haven’t you booked anything yet?” Then you do book something, and then you feel the pressure of being consistent to not disappoint the people who represent you. “Well, you booked last month now you’re not booking.”  Then you book something amazing and then you just wait to see if it will turn re-occurring. There is always something! There is always waiting! There is always lots of work!

Don’t even getting me started on the pressures of image and what that can do to a person.

This is why we must be a bit more prepared, not just on your attitude but your look, style, delivery, life choice, & the way we treat others is essential in being successful. Be careful who you fuck over. The toes you step on today, might be attached to the ass your kissing tomorrow. Make this your obsession. There will always be pressure and you will feel it. You just gotta deal.


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