“I don’t let my Latino background run my life” says Tyler Posey to The Hollywood Reporter and “My racial ambiguity keeps me from being stereotyped.”

FINALLY. Someone SUCCESSFUL that feels the same way about the same thing I always struggle with as an up & coming actor in this city. Categorized as ethnically ambiguous,  I’m a proud Latino-American Actor. I speak Spanish fluently. However, I don’t want to go for roles that don’t fit me. It’s a waste of time. And I feel my stereotype isn’t really who I am. It plays into bringing yourself to characters, being real. That’s why it’s always important to show who you are, that’s why I hope my “category” or “look” as an ambiguous person helps me in my career. I will always “commit” when it comes to acting & to my characters. I know who I am and what my strengths are that I bring to this business but I don’t want to let my background stop me from going for something considered “ambitious” in my business. (that’s the nice way of saying, you’re not right for that role)

“Latinos kind of get put into the same melting pot” says, The Avenger’s Santiago Cabrera via The Hollywood Reporter.

I totally agree with him. We gotta be ambitious. We have to stand-out. I do feel Hollywood is coming around and there is more roles for Latinos out there. It’s just another obstacle we must conquer to get to the goal. There are going to be plenty of things that will arise when it comes to really pushing your career towards a successful route. You must keep going and eventually, if you work hard enough, you’ll get there…



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