It’s 1 am… I ran 3 miles earlier today and I’m sitting here eating raw almonds. The point is… I’m on a diet. I’m always on some sort of diet… but you know what: it’s an LA thing. Image is a big reflection of how people perceive you here in So Cal…. it doesn’t just apply to LA. But let’s break down LA and see what we get:

We do it all & we have done it all: juicing, Vegan, Vegetarian, colonics, raw shakes, Wimberlean, spin class, Runyon canyon, hot Yoga, cold Yoga & Pilates. Wow… we are SO LA.

What have we become? Snobs? Fitness nuts? No.. we are just exploring. We are finding ourselves. I say that because everyone has a skinny person inside of them. Maybe you don’t need to lose weight, that’s fine. But there is more to health than just losing weight.

I drank the kool-aid if you want to break it down… I’m SO LA and you know what, I’m happy. I’m happy because I’m making an effort to be more active, being healthy, and hopefully this will be something that can make my life and image better when it comes to show business. I’m not the only one let me tell you.. even Rob Kardashian has run past me a few times the last couple weeks at Runyon Canyon.  It’s that classic hollywood pressure, isn’t Rob?!

Let’s make this the best summer …the summer of the skinny, so let’s try to be more conscious of what we out in our bodies as actors, blank canvases, people here in Hollywood ShowBizz. We have to represent ourselves in the best way and you know what it’s hard… and its so easy to let it show and it’s easy to fall off the wagon. It’s also hard to resist the bagel bar provided by craft services on set! It’s hard to not have a butterscotch pot de creme when your sharing it with Courtney Cox at a friend’s Hollywood Birthday Soiree! If we work hard, we can achieve anything.  Let’s tighten up and Be happy. I’ll put down the almonds now. Bag is half gone. HASHTAG FAT KID!

Love yourself, people.

Oh, Hollywood. I love you too.


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