So, I booked a silent short film, called The Stalkers. Small budget… but with potential for festival submissions. I decided to accept the paid LEAD role – because I know exactly how it feels to believe in something. I also went to Film School, so I’ve been there! Except, I used my friends as Actors, so I didn’t have to pay them. Anyways, I wanted to give Storm the chance to execute his vision for this movie. It’s about the journey and I knew this would be an experience for me that I haven’t had. I also believed in the project which is always important. Charlie Chaplin rose to fame in the “silent era” and also, The Artist was nominated for an Academy Award back in 2011. A silent movie is something I have never done.. and it was fun, more relaxed than a usual film shoot. Relying only on facial expressions… Actress Jenny Dixon & I played the Leads in this short silent film that was shot & directed by Storm Meisner. The Stalkers is just another stepping stone to the place where I want to be. I want to be in this constant flow of “work” … one booking after the other! I want my snowball effect! I really am happy to have done the project, it’s all about helping each other out and it feels good to be….. chosen, you know? It’s happening. One more project to add my credits… on the next one. The hustle in the business is non-stop. Let’s do this.

THE STALKERS w/ Storm Mesiner & Jenny Dixon


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