A night at the theater to appreciate the stage…. to appreciate actors, & to appreciate the city of Hollywood. I’ve had lots of important auditions lately and the pressure…. although high, is changing for me. I think I’m just starting to learn to have more fun with it. Watching Anita in this production of West Side Story at The Pantages Theatre made me smile! She was having a blast; she was luminous. She was showcasing herself in the best way. She danced her ass off! FIRECRACKER. My only ‘critiques’ were for Tony & Maria who were great, but a bit “green.” Also, The fight scenes were too “dancey” for me if that makes sense. The “roughness” they embellished to play delinquents did not match the “floaty” choreography. Watching the cast made me appreciative & it always has that form of effect on me because I relate the art of the stage to my life in so many ways, including metaphorically. I also can’t help but to give some critique since I’ve been in musicals, I feel I have the credits to back up my review. Critique is thrown our way all the time, Actors understand. Just to throw out some Facts: West Side Story is the only musical I did NOT get cast in my Vegas-Broadway career. Everything happens for a reason, Folks. Now, I’m here in LA, where I am auditioning for hit television shows and motion pictures, where everyone wants to be! I’ve survived, established, and ready for the big time. Seriously, I had some great auditions lately… and I feel it coming. “You got the job.”



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