An Actor’s Life is giant valley of highs & lows…
But you have to remain consistent when it comes to knowing what you want because it is very easy to veer off course. Remember what you’re in LA for! Yes, I work in restaurants & nightclubs, but I’m here for something else. So, everything else is just a stepping stone towards your goal. So, if you lose your job, you go out and get another one. If you have a horrible audition… realize that auditions are horrible and that it happens to everyone. So with that being said: I’m transitioning jobs and I’ve had a couple “bad” auditions. It’s time to shake it off! I just saw a documentary the other day called: THAT GUY …WHO WAS IN THAT THING – and it was so inspiring because it was character actors I’ve grown up watching… and they were talking about auditions and how horrible they are. They talked about how all the jobs they actually booked were based on the auditions where they didn’t “care” and they were just going through the motions, booking the job was the last thing they imagined. It’s a very tough life and only certain people are cut out for it. To me….THIS is the most HUMBLING journey ever. A Life of perpetual REJECTION. God bless us!Β  We are warriors. With that being said: The time is now.



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