Of course with any new project there is a lot of set backs, financial obstacles, & self procrastination. I started writing my own series awhile back and I did a test shoot to see how I wanted to direct the concept. Still creating & eliminating.. I am still currently writing my own series about my life and the farce of being a struggling actor here in Los Angeles. I just shot another test shoot which was very successful.. I know now which direction I would like to take these characters. The story is slowly unfolding… I can’t wait to see the finished product. I know its going to take so much time & energy, but with hard work & dedication this can happen. Hollywood Inspiration? Yes, actually.. Jason Segel said Judd Apatow told him the only way he was going to get where he wanted to go was if he wrote his own stuff. Jason was told he would never be a leading man. So, It’s just taking your destiny by the horns… so, Jason & Judd… I’m gonna do it too.



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