Corey Monteith’s death sent shock waves throughout Hollywood as the news started to spread Sunday evening. My heart instantly broke for his girlfriend, family, & fans. Celebrities filled the twittersphere with love messages about the young star. People are wondering what is going to happen with the direction of the show. It really is such a sad tragic event…. Corey was a nice guy and was one of the few stars I actually talked with when I worked on the show during its second season. I did not know him personally but he was funny & light when he introduced himself to me. He seemed to be adjusting well to his new life as a successful television star. Events like this always hit home because we personally know the struggles & pressures that one faces when you are an actor. It’s not an easy life. Corey & I shared the same acting coach and went to the same studio for training. His death is a tragedy that really struck a chord in this town, especially with the people who I share a passion with. RIP Corey.



2 thoughts on “Remembering Corey

  1. Based on all reports it seems as if Corey was really a good guy, loved by everyone who knew and worked with him. Addiction is a horrible thing.

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