I’m in the beautifully haunted Hills of Bel Air… It’s a night shoot, I’m freezing cold, shivering, as the Make-up Artist covers my entire face with fresh stage blood. There’s something about Bel-Air. Something about going through those West Gates. (It means, you’re filthy rich) At this point, I’m very much inspired and It’s time. The slate is up, the sound is on, the camera is rolling, and I get into character. Grunting, moaning, growling, and having impulsive body spasms. I’m playing a Hollywood Actor who is complaining about being a zombie in this feature film called “Plastic Cup” and I am loving every minute of it. (movie within a movie type of film) Working with Director, Javier Prato was a first and an absolute pleasure. Why are foreign directors so good-looking? Coming down from my “stage high” at the UCB Comedy Theatre last week, this booking was the best “cherry on top.” Booking a job is always an amazing thing. It’s gratifying, it’s validating, it’s an all-around confidence booster. I can’t wait to go the premiere! Who’s coming with me & who should I wear? (Designers, please submit all requests to liancastillo@live.com)

“When there’s no room in Hell, the dead will walk the Earth.”Dawn of the Dead



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