The Main Host

Very thankful for my seat over at AFTERBUZZTV… it’s my sixth week hosting the Real Housewives of Orange County Aftershow and its honestly been so rewarding and so much. fun. Love the panel and my peers, the audience has been very welcoming and I’m having fun interacting with the Loyal Fans of BRAVO TV. Tonight I got to run the boat myself, Hosting the show along with T. Orlina. He was my Michelle Visage tonight and it gave me a whole new rush! I’m using this opportunity to get more representation, a management team… so I’ve been buzzing all over town talking about my new gig. I also started some new comedy classes as well… to polish the work. stay humble, work hard, and BE THE BEST PERSON IN THE ROOM. I’m telling you when i say I’m OUT TO WIN this year….i AM. IM WINNING!!  WORLD TRAVEL, NEW TV GIG & spending the holidays in NYC again….. HASHTAG BLESSED! GRATEFUL! BRING IT UNIVERSE! BRING ME MY DESTINY.



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SAG Actor, Celebrity Blogger, Singer, Broadway Boy, Socialite, Philanthropist, Fame Whore, and Columnist.

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