Second City Hollywood

Story-telling is something I’ve been doing on my Podcasts for years. It’s not always about the setup- and the punchline. I don’t do stand-up, it’s not my style of comedy anyway as I’m more of a character kind of comedian. This quality comes in handy with being a story-teller, a character actor, and now… behind the mic. Not always funny, maybe sad, definitely amusing, mostly uncomfortable, but most of all: Real Stories. I’ve been telling stories on the air but this time, I’ll be showcasing this niche, which is growing into a nation wide gig (mostly for reality stars & Instagram Podcasters) at a famous Comedy Club. People evidently will buy tickets to such an event and yes, this is what is next. Come see tell me a story a Second City in Hollywood. Show Date TBA.


Published by hollywoodlian

SAG Actor, Celebrity Blogger, Singer, Broadway Boy, Socialite, Philanthropist, Fame Whore, and Columnist.

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