Coming to Netflix

It feels to good to be working during a “pandemic” -Taking all the proper protocols to make this happen, it truly takes a village. The Crew couldnt have been nicer and more professional. There is one big twist to this small guest star… I’m gonna be a DRAG QUEEN!

Everyone is Terrible Podcast

So much planned, some many amazing guests, I’m super proud, this is my new baby- just me. No studios attached, no celebrity names attached. Please subscribe and get ready for a terrible time. #newpodcastalert #hollywoodlian 
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HollywoodLian brings you the most terrible for the week. From Reality Tv People to Real People. It’s people discussing people. 🎙📢
DM for nominations on who should on the list for Most Terrible. All TV people- and remember at the end of the day….. Everyone is Terrible

Second City Hollywood

Story-telling is something I’ve been doing on my Podcasts for years. It’s not always about the setup- and the punchline. I don’t do stand-up, it’s not my style of comedy anyway as I’m more of a character kind of comedian. This quality comes in handy with being a story-teller, a character actor, and now… behind the mic. Not always funny, maybe sad, definitely amusing, mostly uncomfortable, but most of all: Real Stories. I’ve been telling stories on the air but this time, I’ll be showcasing this niche, which is growing into a nation wide gig (mostly for reality stars & Instagram Podcasters) at a famous Comedy Club. People evidently will buy tickets to such an event and yes, this is what is next. Come see tell me a story a Second City in Hollywood. Show Date TBA.



So, when I pitched my new Podcast show to AfterBuzzTV, I didn’t fully grasp how empowering it could be to really get something off the ground. It wasn’t easy managing other personalities, producing content and being myself… truth is: I lost myself for a minute and it showed. Forced. Yes, I was “on” but after the storm comes a rainbow. It was my idea to begin with, so to be the only man standing is… FUCKING FANTASTIC. I’m excited to produce this podcast, lead it, and be the best. Its my show and its business, and It’s show business, kids. So, no hard feelings. Let’s do this. It’s Bravo Betch with HollywoodLian is available on APPLE Podcasts. Broadcasted LIVE on YouTube. Produced by Me & AfterBuzzTV.



HBO Sunday.

The day I’ve been waiting for is finally here: the Debut of Episode 2, Going to Town, for Camping, the HBO show I have a Co-Star on! I admit, I saw the episode on the big screen already at Paramount, so I knew what to expect. Obviously, not everything made it, some was left on the cutting room floor. Editing can go any way. I’m just grateful to be featured on such a high platform with incredible talent. We did so much improv, not much made the actual episode, but everyone is enjoying my Cameo on this unorthodox Comedy. My favorite part? My name on the credits at the end. Now that gave me FEELS. David Tennant & Jennifer Garner are everything on & off screen. Happy October!


The Premiere

Surreal. Full circle dream come true…… Last night we had the premiere of HBO’s Camping at Paramount Studios where the apartments I grew up in are right across the street. It was magical, the recognition felt rewarding. I feel very honored to be a part of something so special, like this Cast & Crew. Congrats to Us, Let’s Go Camping!!!!! Sundays, 10pm on HBO. Look for me in Episode 2, GOING TO TOWN. Enjoy.

HOLLYWOOD, CA – OCTOBER 10: Lian Castillo attends HBO’s Los Angeles premiere of Camping at Paramount Studios on October 10, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO)

HOLLYWOOD, CA – OCTOBER 10: Lian Castillo attends HBO’s Los Angeles premiere of Camping at Paramount Studios on October 10, 2018 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic for HBO)

Saddle up, Sisters

I have a lot coming… it’s been a good year.  I’m contractually obligated to say NOTHING-  The work will show for itself!!!!! No need to brag, post, promote…. it will show for itself, BUT FOR NOW…..this is one is one that I am very proud of. Being a Mentor on BORN THIS WAY, a docu-series on A&E premiering August 15th. Thank you to AfterBuzzTV for the opportunity and to the crew of BORN THIS WAY! Mentoring Meg was an incredible experience and she is breath of fresh air. Stay tuned. SO MUCH is coming out this year, I PROMISE!!!!!  Saddle up, Sisters. Lian says… WINTER IS COMING. 







Double Feature

Really enjoying working for Maria Menounos, being at AfterBuzz TV has taught me so many things about being consistent in my talent, craft, and business. I love what I do and it shows! In this business, the pursuit of happiness is never-ending…. with so much disappointment all the time, you really have to know how to stay afloat & stay in the fast lane. Real Housewives of Atlanta After Show is over… but obviously when one door closes, another one opens. I am now the Lead Host for The Real Housewives of New York After Show. Also, I’m Co-Hosting on Netflix’s Queer Eye After Show!

Thursdays at 10pm for #RHONY

Sundays at 6pm for #QueerEye

Available on iTunes, all podcast platforms or WATCH THE LIVE STREAM ON YouTube @AFTERBUZZTV!!!

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Real Housewives of Atlanta

So, after doing a season of co-hosting the Orange County Franchise…. the producers over at AfterBuzz TV have decided to give me the reigns and Host my own aftershow for the Atlanta Franchise!! Honestly, it’s been so fun. It was challenging and it pushed me to new boundaries. Leading is one thing… but leading while taking technical notes, keeping the panel on topic, keep the show at a steady pace, while being engaged and being funny is NOT EASY- but that’s the job and I love it so much. It’s been great hosting with this fabulous panel of women. The best of the best on Pop culture…. we’ve even had Megan Bomgaars, Cast member from the Emmy-award winning show, Born This Way on A&E. The season is winding down and I already have another show on the Radar for AfterBuzz TV (announcement coming soon.) but for now…tune in next sunday for the Season FINALE!!!! THIS SUNDAY APRIL 1 at 9pm @AFTERBUZZTV & @HOLLYWOODLIAN



The Main Host

Very thankful for my seat over at AFTERBUZZTV… it’s my sixth week hosting the Real Housewives of Orange County Aftershow and its honestly been so rewarding and so much. fun. Love the panel and my peers, the audience has been very welcoming and I’m having fun interacting with the Loyal Fans of BRAVO TV. Tonight I got to run the boat myself, Hosting the show along with T. Orlina. He was my Michelle Visage tonight and it gave me a whole new rush! I’m using this opportunity to get more representation, a management team… so I’ve been buzzing all over town talking about my new gig. I also started some new comedy classes as well… to polish the work. stay humble, work hard, and BE THE BEST PERSON IN THE ROOM. I’m telling you when i say I’m OUT TO WIN this year….i AM. IM WINNING!!  WORLD TRAVEL, NEW TV GIG & spending the holidays in NYC again….. HASHTAG BLESSED! GRATEFUL! BRING IT UNIVERSE! BRING ME MY DESTINY.



Entertainment Host

The Lowdown with Lian became practice for a new destiny… an introduction to something I’ve always had a passion for, Hosting my own show on Pop Culture. The Lowdown was short, never went viral, but it was enough to get some attention. I conquered DragCon and also landed myself an Entertainment Host position at AfterBuzz TV! Full panel after show on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County. Hosting is a passion of mine because it allows me to showcase myself and the passion that I have for Pop Culture. I’m super excited about this new creative endeavor and I couldn’t be happier. Make sure to Follow me on the social media platforms for all clips, photos, and live video stories. @HOLLYWOOODLIAN


Yes, the cat is out of the bag….as they say. There has been some press released about me this morning, saying I will be performing in NYC at the YAMA KIPPI YAY BO Art exhibit and it’s COMPLETELY TRUE! I will be performing monologues from the show SEX AND THE CITY, specifically Kim Cattral’s character, Samantha. Samantha’s MONOLOGUE STATION will premiere on May 5th in BROOKLYN New York and it’s super exciting. Come see us, for tickets & details. So far, our story has been picked by Mic Magazine, Out Magazine, & BULLET MAGAZINE.