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The Main Host

Very thankful for my seat over at AFTERBUZZTV… it’s my sixth week hosting the Real Housewives of Orange County Aftershow and its honestly been so rewarding and so much. fun. Love the panel and my peers, the audience has been very welcoming and I’m having fun interacting with the Loyal Fans of BRAVO TV. Tonight I got to run the boat myself, Hosting the show along with T. Orlina. He was my Michelle Visage tonight and it gave me a whole new rush! I’m using this opportunity to get more representation, a management team… so I’ve been buzzing all over town talking about my new gig. I also started some new comedy classes as well… to polish the work. stay humble, work hard, and BE THE BEST PERSON IN THE ROOM. I’m telling you when i say I’m OUT TO WIN this year….i AM. IM WINNING!!  WORLD TRAVEL, NEW TV GIG & spending the holidays in NYC again….. HASHTAG BLESSED! GRATEFUL! BRING IT UNIVERSE! BRING ME MY DESTINY.



Entertainment Host

The Lowdown with Lian became practice for a new destiny… an introduction to something I’ve always had a passion for, Hosting my own show on Pop Culture. The Lowdown was short, never went viral, but it was enough to get some attention. I conquered DragCon and also landed myself an Entertainment Host position at AfterBuzz TV! Full panel after show on Bravo’s The Real Housewives of Orange County. Hosting is a passion of mine because it allows me to showcase myself and the passion that I have for Pop Culture. I’m super excited about this new creative endeavor and I couldn’t be happier. Make sure to Follow me on the social media platforms for all clips, photos, and live video stories. @HOLLYWOOODLIAN

Made it to DragCon!

The Lowdown with Lian is paying off! Might not be VIRAL yet, but it has earned its position for recognition, we received a press pass for the drag queen super event of the year, DragCon. Where i got to meet all the queens from ALL the seasons of Drag Race. I also did my first interview for the LOWDOWN – none other than ALEXIS MICHELLE who just happen to recognize me and admitted to being a fan of the show… and well the rest you’ll see, HOPE YOU GUYS ARE SUBSCRIBED ! SHEA COULEE INTERVIEW! TRINITY TUCK INTERVIEW!


Yes, the cat is out of the bag….as they say. There has been some press released about me this morning, saying I will be performing in NYC at the YAMA KIPPI YAY BO Art exhibit and it’s COMPLETELY TRUE! I will be performing monologues from the show SEX AND THE CITY, specifically Kim Cattral’s character, Samantha. Samantha’s MONOLOGUE STATION will premiere on May 5th in BROOKLYN New York and it’s super exciting. Come see us, for tickets & details. So far, our story has been picked by Mic Magazine, Out Magazine, & BULLET MAGAZINE.




SO, I jumped… I put myself out there. Made a YouTube video announcing I would be doing a weekly episode recap show called THE LOWDOWN WITH LIAN. Received complimentary feedback by very unexpected but professional entertainment colleagues. So, it’s exciting in general. Excited to throw myself in the line of fire, excited to showcase myself, and excited to show that after being in a “dry spell” for a good minute, anyone can brush themselves off and TRY AGAIN.

NYC for the Holidays

Before I can talk about the new year, I gotta talk about the ending of this past year. Lemme just say… 2016 was ROUGH. So, I was happy to spending some time in the Big Apple for the holidays, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. I went to Rockefeller Center, saw Mariah‘s Christmas show @ The Beacon. I met some people who gave me hope for the upcoming year. Inspiring/Life Changing Conversations. Plans. Universal Shifting. I really want to dedicate myself to making this year the best. THE BEST EVERYTHING. NYC, I’ll be seeing you a couple times during 2017. Thanks for the drinks.




Hocus Pocus


After experimenting with all sorts of hair colors, losing 8 lbs, gaining 10 lbs…. I just showed up to set for my new Head-Shots. Showing up to set with no make up & without any hair product on was a first….my shoot was natural. 100%. I would like to thank Brian & Ashley Haden for the photography. They did amazing! This is me now. They captured that. Scary isn’t it? haha.

Happy Halloween!

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