Finding my Light

2022 was full of ups and downs.. a true dedication to a full pilot season, lots of real work as far as auditioning, giving 100 %, hiring coaches and it just didn’t give. I’m comedy and there was very little of that. They say the No’s don’t count, but they do. So now, I haveContinue reading “Finding my Light”

Everyone is Terrible Podcast

So much planned, some many amazing guests, I’m super proud, this is my new baby- just me. No studios attached, no celebrity names attached. Please subscribe and get ready for a terrible time. #newpodcastalert #hollywoodlian  Everyone is Terrible is available on Apple & Spotify, Anchor, & Google Podcasts. HollywoodLian brings you the most terrible forContinue reading “Everyone is Terrible Podcast”

Second City Hollywood

Story-telling is something I’ve been doing on my Podcasts for years. It’s not always about the setup- and the punchline. I don’t do stand-up, it’s not my style of comedy anyway as I’m more of a character kind of comedian. This quality comes in handy with being a story-teller, a character actor, and now… behindContinue reading “Second City Hollywood”


So, when I pitched my new Podcast show to AfterBuzzTV, I didn’t fully grasp how empowering it could be to really get something off the ground. It wasn’t easy managing other personalities, producing content and being myself… truth is: I lost myself for a minute and it showed. Forced. Yes, I was “on” but afterContinue reading “PRODUCER? Yep.”

HBO Sunday.

The day I’ve been waiting for is finally here: the Debut of Episode 2, Going to Town, for Camping, the HBO show I have a Co-Star on! I admit, I saw the episode on the big screen already at Paramount, so I knew what to expect. Obviously, not everything made it, some was left onContinue reading “HBO Sunday.”

Real Housewives of Atlanta

So, after doing a season of co-hosting the Orange County Franchise…. the producers over at AfterBuzz TV have decided to give me the reigns and Host my own aftershow for the Atlanta Franchise!! Honestly, it’s been so fun. It was challenging and it pushed me to new boundaries. Leading is one thing… but leading whileContinue reading “Real Housewives of Atlanta”