Bravo, Lian

So, lately, with the way the industry is changing and continuing to change…. the realities of the roles that are available to me are very small. Even the ones that are out there…. I don’t ever see (no access) or I’m not seen for them. I really hate feeling like I’m failing… but the truth is I wanna be myself and not play someone else. I, myself, am a personality- and I need to bank on that. I need to kind of explore the options around the entertainment business that are out there like, Reality TV. I love BRAVO and I would love to be on a BRAVO show, but again, I need the shot….a chance, an audition, a meeting. Bravo would be a great platform. Whether, the show was about me & my ventures into this business or a show about my friends. Were talking 20 year friendships. Bravo even uses my tweets! So, that’s the next step… that’s what I’m currently putting my energy into. Along with making my own content, working out and seeking new opportunities/representation. Check out my tweet below on The Real Housewives of New York City.


Bravo & Beverly Hills


Look, I love the show and I hope Andy will have me one day me on WWHL ! Where I will make him laugh, tell him my love for the housewives, and ask him for my my own personal reality show on BRAVO. For now, I can run into Kyle Richards, eat tacos with her, and talk to her about my teeth. Which she did compliment. When you live in LA, when you are an Actor, you get invited to things.. so you meet people. Kyle was lovely and very down to earth. I’m sure I’ll see her again.