Camping HBO #CampingHBO

LIVING MY BEST LIFE is what they call it and I am truly GRATEFUL. I’ve had some incredible moments, but this… this is the moment I’ve wanted my whole life. GIRLS Creators, Lena Dunham & Jenni Konner are my biggest inspirations and working with them both was a dream come true. I’ve envisioned this for so long. HBO is a dream come true. It’s so many amazing things all packaged into one incredible milestone. Surround yourself with people who are honest with you, that root for you, that see the light in you…..that’s how I got to this point. It’s a tough business but….. I made it, mommy! CAMPING premieres on HBO Sunday, October 14th, 2018.



Rifles & Roles

The holidays are here…so everyone is getting ready to “slow down” for the season… (industry talk) and for me, its been quite opposite. I’ve been working really hard to accomplish some short-term goals before the end of year and it’s been working very well for me. I always love a snowball effect. Slowing down for me…is silly. I want to be prepared & set for the upcoming year.

Starting off the new year off right with new representation… Once again, its one of those moments in your career where the validation sinks in.. and the stars are aligning. I have new representation & I’m ready to go out & BOOK! I know there are some actors out there with no representation and I know how that feels but there is no right way to get an agent. The truth is…the most important part is getting THE RIGHT AGENT. You can submit to all the top agencies in the world. BUT it’s a whole different situation when an agent wants you…. Keep that in mind.

“I WANT TO BE ON SET!!!!” I say to the universe.


Well… when the gun went off I knew it was real. It was one of the days on set when you go in for something and then come out having done something you never expected. Stunt work on HBO’s The Newsroom. I had such a great time not because the show itself is genius but because I personally got to work on something considered “historical” and I got to shoot live guns. Learned a little bit of Arabic and got to really channel a character that was challenging and that I have NEVER played or imagined myself playing. You have to open yourself up and really get into what you are doing. It’s what you love. If you’re looking at the clock…. Find another career. I enjoyed every second of the shoot… it was freezing & the gun work was heavy..BUT IT WAS A BLAST!┬áThere are no small parts, only small actors…as my drama teacher always reminded us.

Set some short-term goals…start the new year right. 2013 is going to be nothing but success! I can feel it…. and we’ve been working our entire lives to get here. ENJOY the journey, its important. It’s only just begun, fellow peers!